Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Waiting for her reply.....

Abhi loved Shikha a lot. But he wanted to propose her infront of the whole world. He kept thinking. And then he got an idea. He asked shikha to come to his place. He tied a cloth over her eyes and took her to the teris. The weather was perfect. The wind was blowing gently. The clouds were there just waiting to pore. The street lights were just waiting to lighten up.
Abhi removed the cloth from shikha's eyes. Wow...! This is amazing Abhi. This place is great.... why didn't you showed this place to me earlier Abhi was the question that Shikha's eyes were asking Abhi. They both sat down on a wall loking at the storm that was building far in the sky. Another storm was building but that was inside Abhi. He desperately wanted to tell shikha how much he loved her.
He wanted to tell her that her eyes are more beautiful then those storm clouds. And when this blowing wind plays with her hair and takes them on her face he too want to play with those hairs. He wanted to tell Shikha that she is like a rainbow which will come after this rainstorm, and she brings those clours of rainbow in his life.
So Abhi what is it that u wanted to tell me. Why are we here.... Shikha asked Abhi.. So finally Abhi took Shikha's hand in his hand...... looked deep in her eyes and said...... Will u marry me Shikha... I wanted to propose to u infront of the whole world but then i realized that u r my whole world.... That moment lightning struck at it started drizzling.. Shikha didn't knew what to say. Abhi said..... "Shikha all i want is to spend rest of my life with u, I want to see every rain, every sunrise, every sunset with u. I want to feel this gentle breeze holding ur hand"......... Will u marry me?????
Abhi is still waiting for his answer...........


  1. Abhi sir, i just wish you get the answer soon...but as every day is passing on, i feel she is going away...!!!

    Abhi sir, even i wish the answer is positive...having know its already negative..!!!

    nicely written Abhi sir...!!1