Thursday, April 1, 2010

Story of Love & Commitment

Long back when there were no humans on this earth... All feelings used to stay there. One day Commitment, Faith & happiness,smile were playing. Love who was daughter of God also wanted to play with them. But it was not allowed for love to go on earth and play with other feelings. But when love insisted god allowed her to go to earth and play with other feelings only on one condition that she will always be with commitment.
So God asked commitment to take care of love. When they all were playing hide n seek, love didn't realized and went in the area of bad feelings. Seeing love alone, Jealousy, hatred, anger,sorrow Kidnapped her and took her away. When good feelings got to know about all this they got very tense and went to god. then God told Commitment that he allowed love to go to earth only if Commitment will take care of love, & now its his responsibility to bring her back.
So Commitment went in search of love along with his friends faith & happiness,smile. When they were searching for love they met anger. They asked anger that where is love. Anger replied that he will answer and let them go only if one of then will give his life to please anger. So Smile decided to Sacrifice his life. After they got the address Commitment, faith & happiness went in search of love. Then at the door step of the castle where love was inprisoned they met sorrow. Sorrow said he will only allow them to go if one of them give there life. So to please sorrow, happiness gave his life. When commitment & faith got inside the castle they saw that the only way to free love is to fight with jealousy & hatred. They fought bravely and defeated them.
Finally when they met love they saw that love had lost her life and the only way to bring her back was to sacrifice the life of either Commitment or faith. Commitment had promised god that he will bring her daughter back. So faith sacrificed his life to give life to love.
Finally when commitment brought love back to haven, god got very angry on love because she broke her promise to be with commitment all the time. So god ordered commitment and love to go back to earth and stay together forever." So whenever love is lost commitment brings her back".


  1. Hey Abhi sir...The story is very sweet...!!!

    nice attempt...!!!

  2. Thanks Yamini... just trying

  3. Interesting story about love and commitment!