Thursday, April 1, 2010


A man lost his way & got separated from his team while they were returning from an expedition in lower Himalayas. He searched for 4 days but couldn't found a way back to a village. Then it started snowing & he thought that now he will die in this cold as there he will never find a way back in that snow.
He closed his eyes thinking that he is going to die.. Suddenly a voice came...saying" Hi Aniket, how r u?".. He opened his eyes but he saw no one was here except his own shadow. He again closed his eyes.. that voice again came saying get up Aniket we need to find the way back home.Someones waiting for u there.. He shouted who's this... a reply came I m ur self belief. U lost me 4 days back searching for the correct route.U lost me when u thought in ur mind that u will never find the correct route back home. But i m there with u now & i will be there for u always. its just that u need to believe in me. Now get up we have to find a way back home... Aniket replied but how r we going to do that. its snowing so heavily...How r we going to find that way. The shadow replied, i belive in u, do u believe in ur self. Aniket replied "Yes". The Shadow said .... then Just hold my hands & we will find the way back... Aniket said but how r we going to do that... The shadow replied... Its these tough times which let u find ur true worth.. & if u have faith in urself u will fight the most adverse situations and find a way out...
suddenly he saw some footprints nearby... he started following those prints... & after 10 mins he saw lights... the village was near by.Those were the footprints of the villegers passing from there. He turned to tell his shadow that finally they had found a way back.... but the shadow was not there as it was too dark there.. then he realised that it was his inner light and faith that crated that shadow for him...
He realised that if it was'nt snowing then he wouldn't have found those foot prints, its the adversity that showed him the way..." u hold hands of faith and self belief u can find a way out from most adverse situations also".


  1. nice attempt sir...but it needs some changes..will help you out with them asap..!!!

  2. yaar its my first attempt na.... so just tried writing something...

  3. Well i mus confess that if this was ur 1st attempt , then it was very good !!! i am sure with time , you would lern many more such wonderful posts !!